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"Click here!" to watch a short training video on the No Wrong Door digital referral system.

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Click on the Log On door and enter the username and password for your organization.

If your password is lost/forgotten you can reset it by clicking on the Forgot Password button. Once a username is entered, an email will be sent to your organization with a new temporary password.

To manage all referrals, click on the View Status of Referral page. Once here, 3 sections are available: Status of Referrals, Accepted Referrals, and Pending Referrals.

Status of Referrals

The Status of Referrals section displays a list of all referrals that your agency has submitted to another agency as well as those that have been submitted to your agency. Here, you can click on the Status button beside the corresponding referral ID number to preview the status of each referral. The preview of the referral shows who the referral was sent to, the date that the referral was received, the status of the referral, and the date and time that the referral was forwarded or accepted. If you create a referral form that is passed on to many agencies, this is where you will be able to track the path that the referral form has taken and whether it has been accepted by another agency.

Pending Referrals

The Pending Referrals section contains all referrals that have been sent to your agency and are currently waiting for your action. Select Preview to view the referral. You may choose to either accept the referral using the Accept button, or Forward the referral onto another agency.

If you accept the referral, it will then move to the Accepted Referrals section. To Forward this referral:

* Check one of the boxes beside the agency which you are forwarding the referral to.

* Important note: if another agency has already received this referral and has forwarded it, their agency name will be crossed out indicating that the referral should not be sent back to them. This can be overridden by checking the box beside Override to select an agency that has declined this referral;

* Indicate why you are forwarding the referral by typing a short paragraph within the Notes textbox;

* Click the Forward button.

If your agency decides to forward this referral to another agency, you can track the progress of the referral on the Status of Referrals page until it is accepted by an agency.

Accepted Referrals

Once your agency has accepted a referral, you will be able to view it by clicking the Preview button next to the corresponding referral number in the Accepted Referrals section of the page. After you click to preview a referral, a small excerpt of the referral can be viewed. To see the full referral, click on the Go To Full Referral button. From here, you may Print this Page, Export to .CSV, or Close Referral. *Important Note: Do not click on the Close Referral button until you have printed the page for your own records because the closing of the referral cannot be undone.

If you would like to submit a problem with this site, select Contact Us and fill out the Submit Technical Problem Form. Your request will be sent to the site administrators.

If your agency/organization would like to join the referral system, select Contact Us and fill out the Submit New Agency Form. Your request will be sent to the five CCAA member agencies. Once accepted, your agency will be added to the system and will be contacted with further instructions.

- Go to the Create New Referral page.

- Select whether the informed consent has been provided by a Parent/Guardian, Substitute Decision-Maker, or an Individual (Aged 12 and over) by clicking on one of the check boxes next to these options. Please note that informed consent is required for every referral.

- Once a selection has been made, a new referral form will appear.

- Fill out all starred (*) information and any other information available in the referral form by either typing out the necessary information or selecting the appropriate options from the dropdown boxes.

- For the Client Information and Client Information Continued sections, fill out all appropriate text boxes, dropdown menus and Yes/No selection buttons. Ensure that all starred (*) sections are completed plus any additional information available.

- For the Previous/Current and Referral Reasons/Concerns sections, select the appropriate options from the dropdown box and click the 'Add' button to add the selected item to the list. This process may be repeated with multiple list items if necessary.

- For the Guardian Information section, begin by selecting either the 'Guardian' or 'Agency' option by clicking on one of the check boxes next to these options; the corresponding form to be filled out will then appear. Fill out all appropriate starred (*) information plus any extra available information. Note: If the 'Guardian' selection is active, all 3 options for a phone number (Home Phone #, Cell Phone #, and Work Phone #) are starred, however, it is only mandatory for one of these options to be filled in. If the Guardian does not have a phone number, check the Does not have a Phone # box. This will override the phone number as a mandatory field.

- For the Referral Information section, the 'Name of the Agency' and 'Agency Contact Phone' should already be completed based on the agency that is currently logged in. The 'Name of the Person Contacting the Agency' must be filled out and the dropdown box option for 'Who encouraged you to contact the agency' is optional.

- For the Agency Referring To section:

* If you have ONE agency you wish to send a referral to: click the appropriate check box beside the name of the agency and click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

* If you have MULTIPLE agencies you wish to send referrals to: click the appropriate check box beside the name of the first agency and click on the Submit Multiple button at the bottom of the page. Once this first referral has been submitted the referral form page will reappear with all information still intact; you may edit the referral form you are sending (if necessary) or maintain the same information. Another agency can be selected by clicking on the check box beside the name of the agency and click Submit Multiple once again. Continue this process until you have submitted to all required agencies.

The organization profile can be edited by selecting the Edit Profile option.

The password for the organization can be changed using the Change Agency Password option.